Guide to Summer Activities in Red River, New Mexico

Are you planning a summer trip to Red River, NM? You're in luck. The Alpine Lodge has a great New Mexico vacation guide chock full of a host of great things to do during the summer. Regardless of your outdoor interests, Red River has a lot of natural beauty and myriad ways to explore it. From hiking to off-roading to even zip-lining, you'll never be bored when visiting Red River, NM. Let us help you plan your next New Mexico vacation to Red River.
Thanks to the backdrop of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains and the Carson National Forest, hiking is a great activity to do in Red River. There is no shortage of hiking trails either. Some of the most popular include the Red River Nature Trails, Columbine Trail, Sawmill Park Trail and the Middle Fork Trail among countless others. A New Mexico vacation wouldn't be complete without venturing down one of these Red River hiking trails.

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The Sangre de Cristo Mountains provide a beautiful assist when it comes to natural beauty for New Mexico mountain biking trails near Red River. The trails range in difficulty although many are intermediate or higher. You could take a ride to Lost Lake on the intermediate East Fork trail or put your mountain biking skills to the test with the very difficult Greenie Peak trail. Regardless of what you choose, you won't be disappointed in taking a trip into the natural beauty of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains and the Carson National Forest. Sitzmark Sports does offer bike rentals in town.

Wanting to slow down your New Mexico vacation? Drop a line in one of the many bodies of water that surround Red River and enjoy some of the best fishing in New Mexico. Fly fishers have a host of rivers and creeks to choose from including the eponymous Red River that runs through town. There are also plenty of lakes to choose from too, many of which require a hike or ride to reach. Regardless of your choice, you'll see why Red River is one of the top New Mexico vacation spots for fishers.

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Off-roading is a popular summer activity in Red River and that's in part because of the natural beauty and terrain. Take a trip down one of Red River's many ATV trails and experience the beauty of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. Many of these New Mexico off-road trails allow all kinds of off-highway vehicles while there are some that are only for motorcycles. Plus, there are plenty of shops in Red River that offer rentals and guided tours.

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Horseback Riding
Why not explore the Red River outdoors from the back of a horse? You can with one of the many guided tours through the Carson National Forest from professional riders in Red River. Bobcat Pass Wilderness Adventures and Red River Stables both offer guided horseback tours and can help those get a better feel for the Carson National Forest.

If you're looking to venture farther from the Alpine Lodge and Red River, consider taking a rafting trip. There are many rivers in the vicinity that offer some great experiences with rapids. Bighorn Sports and Rentals and Sitzmark Sports in town both offer a whitewater rafting experience on the Rio Grande. White water rafting is largely dependent on snowmelt so be sure to check with one of the rental shops for a good idea on the experience.

There is no shortage of things to do in Red River, making it a perfect New Mexico vacation spot. This vacation guide is by no means the ultimate authority but it should give you a taste of what there is to do during the summer. The Red River Ski and Summer Area also offers a lot of summer activities, including Red River's only zipline. If you're planning a trip to Red River, be sure to book a stay at the Alpine Lodge.